Rain or shine kids organic cotton UPF blanket
We rarely leave the house without our Rain or Shine Kids waterproof stroller blanket – whether it’s a cool fall picnic, winter jog, or spring walk in the park. And now, with their organic sun protection blanket, I think they’ve pretty much got us covered for summer too. Literally.

This simple, organic cotton blanket is made from UPF 30+ fabric, which helps keep the sun rays away from your baby or kiddos without roasting them in a little fabric oven. So smart. And the extremely handy ties let you attach the blanket to your stroller, infant carrier, or infant carseat – no spending half your day picking the blanket up off the ground over and over.

There really are a ton of uses for a blanket like this (hello, awesome nursing coverlet!), which makes the sun protection blanket a perfect summer must-have for mamas. You know, other than a mojito. -Kristen

Check out the new organic sun protection blankets at the awesome new website of Rain or Shine Kids. Blankets are on preorder until June 4, but preorder now and save $6 off the regular price.

Congratulations to Bethany H, lucky winner of the white organic cotton UPF blanket!


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