Timi & Leslie Hannah Diaper BagThe season has definitely changed around here, which means I’m putting away the sweaters and long pants, and switching handbags. Of course this leads to much hand wringing considering I’m completely attached to my super great, but very wintry, brown leather bag.

But I have to say that I’m digging the new line of diaper bags from Timi & Leslie, which, unless you dig through the bag itself and discover diapers, just looks like a fantastic spring/summer handbag. My personal fave, the Hannah Diaper Bag (pictured), is awesome. I love the super trendy and versatile metallic tones (which by the way, are great for those of us who just can’t do the white summer bag), and it’s the perfect size too; not so gigantic that you end up spending half your time trying to find stuff, but big enough that you can carry the sippy cups, diaper wipes, and four bags of snacks (at least in my world) along with all your own personal items.

And hey, even if you’re past the stage where you tote your kid’s life around on your shoulder, you’ll have a water-resistant interior and lots of handy pockets all wrapped up in a swanky bag.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d call this a bag that can hold diapers. Not a diaper bag. Big difference. -Kristen

You can find a good selection of Timi & Leslie bags at Zappos.com and for a little less at our affiliate Amazon.com. There’s also a slew of Timi & Leslie bags (great prices too) at mom=owned boutique What Every Baby Needs.