I’ll never be the eco-mama who reuses plastic wrap or gives up the soft toilet paper for the stuff that feels like newspaper. Mostly I look for small changes I can live with, and one of those has been cutting down on my reliance on disposable plastic snack bags. There are just so many good alternatives out there, like the reusable snack bags from Itzy Ritzy.

I’ve learned I much prefer the zipper close here to velcro ones elsewhere, to keep those pretzels and raisins put. And the waterproof (but PVC-free) lining means you can use it for apple slices and melty chocolate chip cookies too, then just toss it in the wash when it gets gross. Pick from 12 different fabrics; I’m liking the blue camo myself.

You summer camp mamas and lake house-owners should check out the wet bags too, which they swear will not wick. And hopefully they won’t smell like moldy swamp water when I forget to take my kids’ wet swimsuits out for a whole week, either. Wouldn’t that be a triumph. –Liz

Find reusable snack bags and more online at Itzy Ritzy. Follow them on twitter for special offers @ItzyRitzy