Gummi bear chair
Despite the fact that looking at this kids furniture got The Gummy Bear Song stuck in my head (no, I won’t burden you if you don’t already know it), I’m totally grooving on these adorable gummy bear chairs from yam & toast. They’re sweet without going overboard–a great alternative to neon and licensed characters, but still colorful and appropriately kid-like.

yam & toast makes all of their furniture in Brazil, using wood harvested from managed renewable
forests, so it’s a choice you can feel good about, too.

And if the wee gummy bear chair delighted you, they also have a line of Free Range Toy Boxes in a similar vein, with pretty colors and eco-friendly wood. Where were these guys when my kids were little?? -Mir

You can find the gummy bear chair and other yam & toast products from our affiliate, Amazon.

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