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Though I haven’t seen the Gulf of Mexico since I was a teen, I’ll never
forget the color and warmth of the turquoise-blue water
that lured me in until I was wrinkled and waterlogged. It’s those
waters and the creatures most affected by them that The Gulf
Restoration Network
has been working to protect and preserve for years,
though they certainly have never needed our support like they do now.

Which is why I love that I can support efforts to restore the Gulf by purchasing the lovely print Down, Down, Down which also reminds me of those see-to-forever waters of the Gulf. Created by one of our favorite artists, Jen Corace, and made available on one of my favorite affordable art sites, Tiny Showcase, the sale of each print will generate $15 for The Gulf Restoration Network.

At only 7″x10″, you can find space to hang your hand-numbered print almost anywhere, though I may put it in my girls’ room so they too can dream of swimming in those clear, warm waters someday. -Christina

Jen Corace’s Down, Down, Down will only be available on Tiny Showcase until June 18. $15 from the sale of each print will be donated to The Gulf Restoration Network.

[via junior society]


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