ecostore baby shampoo
There are loads of companies jumping on the eco bandwagon, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of one that started in an eco village. Heck, this is the first time I’ve heard of an eco village!

But this is indeed where New Zealanders Melanie and Malcolm
Rands developed an ecostore of earth-friendly
products for their neighbors 15 years ago. And now those products have
made it over to us, even if the closest I have to an eco village are my
recycling and compost bins.

I found their brand of baby shampoo
rinses nice and quickly, something even my big babies still care about,
and it doesn’t seem to hurt their eyes like more grown-up shampoos can.
And the baby moisturizer
absorbs quickly, leaving more time for that bedtime story. They’ve got a
light lemony, citronella scent that may remind you of those candles you
light on the porch on summer nights.

ecostore carries everything
from pet shampoos to laundry powder which is
cool since it cuts down on the number of stores I need to visit to get
everything I need. It’s an especially nice shop for parents to bookmark,
since their tagline No Nasty Chemicals is exactly what I
want to hear when I’m getting near a baby. Even if my babies are no
longer in diapers.-Christina

Find loads of chemical-free
household and baby care products at ecostore usa.

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