I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when Soft Clothing first arrived on the scene, bringing flat-seamed, soft cotton clothing basics for kids who have sensory issues. My own son isn’t as picky as he used to be, but he still goes for the Soft stuff over anything else, every time.

But life just got even better.

Soft has expanded their offerings, and they now have a unisex jean that, yes, is more like a “jean”–a pair of french terry pants with gold topstitching.

Do they look exactly like jeans? No, of course not. But they’re a reasonable stand-in, particular for kids who cannot abide buttons, zippers, or stiff denim. Soft as can be, and one step closer to “what everyone else is wearing,” which is a victory us sensory moms can really savor. Thanks, Soft! -Mir

Check out the unisex jeans or the rest of the new styles now available at Soft Clothing.


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