First I feared the colicky newborn, then the Godzilla walker, then the Terrible Twos. Now I can see the Freaky Fours glaring at me from just a few months away, and I tremble in my flip-flops. She doesn’t want to clean, she doesn’t want to go to bed, and she most definitely does not want to play by herself. What’s a mom to do?

Easy. Buy some dice and start a gambling habit. Just kidding.
These extra-big, super cool Activity
are the answer to my prayers. The Let Me Help die has a
different chore on each side– watering plants, setting the table,
sweeping, cleaning up the dishes, cleaning up toys, and helping to cook.
And the Rainy Day die invites kids to do yoga, listen to music, visit a
friend, exercise, do arts and crafts, or play hide and seek.

think my kid’s still young enough to believe that rolling the die is a
reward in itself. And then she gets to clean!

Now they just need
to make a Restful Mom die so that I can decide whether to nap, read,
work, clean, play on Twitter, or eat bonbons in my pajamas.~Delilah

are available at Romp.

[via ParentDish]


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