Chuchi plush kids night lightThe night light is an essential component of the bedtime routine around my place, but no matter what method we employ, which lately has been our hallway light, it never seems to satisfy the kids’ need for light right next to them.

That’s why I’m intrigued by the Chuchi from Banana Design Lab, a soft plush toy that reminds of that cute glow worm toy from back in the day. (Remember those?) With the squeeze of Chuchi’s soft hand, it sends off a light glow that’s perfect for reassuring those monster-averse kiddos after the lights go out, or for gently lighting the way for midnight trips to the bathroom.

Or in our case, our bedroom.

The Chuchi was designed by artist, dad, and Parsons professor Yuri Gitman, also responsible for the hipster-approved My Beating Heart pillow. So not surprisingly, the Chuchi plush night light toy also features a gentle, ambient heartbeat, which changes its rhythm organically and apparently can help soothe your kiddo’s restless head to sleep. Considering the challenges we face even in our consistent bedtime routine and our growing electric bill, it’s definitely worth a try. -Kristen

Purchase the Chuchi plush night light and other cool kids’ bedtime products at our affiliate Amazon, or check their site for a store near you.

[Photo via Chuchi Amazon Photo Gallery]