Alphabet Poster
I have a thing for great alphabet posters, as you frequent Cool Mom Picks readers probably know by now. I suppose there’s no greater joy to a writer than watching her child find a love for letters and words, and surrounding those babies with them early can’t hurt. 

Sol Linero’s fantastic ABC
is making me so happy right now as little 150 pixel wide
image on my screen, so I can only imagine how I’d feel owning it in a
full 50×70 centimeters.  The mid-century inspired color palette is
magical, and I just love the graphic imagery, from the cool airplane to
the funky zipper and everything in between. Especially that awesome yo-yo.

While the artist is Argentinian, her alphabet
is definitely for English speakers. So fear not, P is definitely for pencil,
not dog. –Liz

Find Sol Linero’s wonderful ABC
online in two sizes, as a print or mounted canvas, at L’Affiche Moderne.

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