Travel mug for tea
I’m not a coffee drinker. (I know, I know, there must be some part of the mom gene that I’m missing.) Needless to say, I kind of feel left out in the mornings when everyone else is sipping a fancy latte or iced coffee at the school drop off and I’m standing there empty-handed. Not anymore.

Now that I’ve discovered the Libre Tea Glass, I’ve got a special
drink of my own brewing (literally) each morning as I make the trek to

It really is the coolest thing. I just put my favorite
loose-leaf tea into the glass, add the screw-on filter and some boiling
water and I’m ready to walk out the door with fresh brewing tea. Don’t
worry if you don’t want your leaves sitting in the water all morning–there’s another way to brew it, too.

The glass is available in a solid glass
, or one with a glass lining
and a polycarbonate outer
that might be a little smarter for moms with little ones. I like it for
its portability, and because of the fact that I’m not drinking hot tea
out of a plastic cup.

Now that the summer is here, I think I’m going to start toting
iced tea with me to the camp drop-offs, instead. Though that might
require some advanced planning. On second thought, I think I’ll just try
to get my hands on one of those crazy-cool opening flower teas like the
one in the picture. That ought to impress the coffee drinkers, no? –Stephanie

Find some very cool  tea accessories online from Libre Tea

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