Samsung DualView digital cameraGetting my four year old daughter to smile for the camera is harder than you can imagine. She doesn’t like sitting still, much less actually looking at the camera and posing for a picture. Sound familiar?

That’s why I was so happy to get the chance to check out the Samsung TL205 DualView Camera. This is a nice, slim point-and-shoot camera that offers something I haven’t seen on any other camera — an LCD display on the front. Yes, the front.

This front LCD display is activated separately from the one on the back, and simply turning it on was enough to capture my daughter’s
attention; she’s a typical four year-old, mesmerized by her own image.

the coolest feature is actually geared toward even younger kids; this
camera offers a little animated mini-movie of a clown on the front LCD
display. It’s not a scary clown, either; it’s a very funny little cute
clown that charmed the pants off all the children I showed it to.

photos I took in daylight with the camera were high-resolution and
crystal clear. I wasn’t thrilled with the results from low-light
situations, and the flash was a bit too bright. But still — the
results were great for such a compact camera, and I was
impressed both by the battery life and the ability to recharge the
camera while downloading photos. The price is excellent too: Around $150 at Amazon.

My favorite part? Arm’s length snap shots are no
longer a matter of luck. I could even snap cute
photographs of me with other people by using the front LCD display to
frame the shot, avoiding those ridiculous shots we all have of our forearms, half a forehead, and someone else’s chin.

If you’re in the market for a nice, affordable, pocket-sized
camera, this is a terrific choice. Especially if your kids like clowns. –Cecily, CMP’s newest contributor and a very cool, tech-savvy mom.

Find out more about thee Samsung TL205 DualView Camera at the Samsung website, or purchase from our affiliate Amazon.