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If your morning routine is anything like ours is, then there’s probably a lot of hemming and hawing (that’s putting it very politely) about what the kids are willing to wear. Well, I have a sneaking suspicion that we could eliminate all the hassles with the brand new interactive t-shirts I just discovered.

Yes, interactive t-shirts.

These kids’ tees from Creative Director Clothing are designed by a Toronto-based artist, and I
just happen to have one of his incredible pieces hanging in my living
room – the curious among you can catch a glimpse of it behind me on our About page.

Each shirt comes with two or
three changeable attachments – fabric pieces that Velcro right onto the
shirt – so kids can decide, say, what animal head to stick on the zebra
or what kind of cookie to dunk in the glass
of milk

As if the interactive t-shirts themselves weren’t cool enough, the designs are
printed by hand using water-based ink on organic cotton. And to top it
all off, each shirt comes with an info tag that, if planted, will bloom
into flowers.

The shirts come in sizes 2-6, but larger sizes are likely on the
way. Adult sizes, too, I hope.

Maybe now the kids’ morning
clothing battle will be a thing of the past. Well, unless it’s laundry
day and you have to try to convince them to wear one of their old,
boring, non-interactive shirts. I can’t help you there. –Stephanie

Find the interactive kids tees online from Creative
Director Clothing

*Special Deal: Through 9/10/10, purchase the Milk & Cookies shirt (pictured) and get a free Robot shirt in the same size!

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