Bronzing baby shoes is so 1900’s. The real keepsake is that little plastic doohicky (or twelve) that you peed on and then stared at for ten minutes with your jaw on the floor. Sure, the plus sign or smiley face or digital proclamation of PREGNANT faded long ago. But the memories you made in that bathroom live on forever.

So you will not believe what e.p.t. is doing about it.

Right now, e.p.t is actually institutionalizing the used pee stick, with a Remember
the Moment You Knew
Keepsake Case to store the pregnancy test that
changed your world. It’s purple and a little cheesy, but you know, awesome. Plus it zips up, making the old
sandwich baggie seem a bit blah by comparison.

For those of you who did save yours, you’re in the the majority with 67% other sentimental freaks
(like some of our editors, ahemcoughLiz), according to a recent survey by e.p.t. The survey also tells
us that 41% of us save their test in a
ziploc baggie. Not me. I took a picture of mine and slipped it into a
“Dear Grandparents” Christmas card. Surprise!

You can get the Keepsake Case with a mail-in proof of purchase. Not to get too
Jurassic Park on you, but there’s always the possibility of using a
well-preserved pregnancy test to clone you a few hundred years down the

The e.p.t. Keepsake Cases are available with purchase. We presume you can keep an eye out on their website for all the details.

So what do you think? Did you save your home pregnancy test?


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