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They say you don’t get something for nothing but today, that’s not quite the case. Because Borders Books has got a special deal going right now when you download one of the Borders eReader apps, which are also free. 

Downloads are for both Mac and PC, plus BlackBerry, Android,
iPhone and iPads so you pretty much have no excuse not to try it
out–unless you’re like our associate editor Delilah who’s using duct
tape and bubble gum to hold together her relic of a cell phone. And the
books aren’t bad either – while you won’t quite get the Stieg Larsson
trilogy, you can get some beachy fun novels from Dean Koontz and Michael
Scott, Julia Child’s Kitchen Wisdom, and Jillian Michaels’ Master
Your Metabolism
. Which I guess is more like pre-beachy reading.

I’d do it just for the Julia Child book. But make sure you do it today –
the offer ends this weekend.  –Liz

Today is the last
day to download the free Borders

eReader apps in your choice of format, and get $40 worth of free

EDITED TO ADD: the offer was extended through today, July 13. Download the app then search for the free titles and download them individually.

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