fabric storage bucketsIf you’re anything like me, you spent all this time picking out the nursery colors, obsessing over the crib sheets, and then completely forgetting to beautiful the very thing you look at 40 times a day–the diaper storage.

I never really liked those hanging diaper caddies. And I’m iffy on the
ubiquitous rattan baskets lined with fabric.  But I do like these
handmade fabric
storage buckets
from Denver’s Mick & Mack.

With colors from orange and teal to earthy browns and olives, they’d
look fabulous in any nursery. I’d fill them with diapers and leave them
in plain sight by the changing table for easy access. But they’d also be
great for storing stationery, small toys, craft supplies, or the various
odds and ends that seem to amass with kids. Or their packrat fathers. –Liz

Find the fabric
storage buckets
and other handmade loveliness online at Mick & Mack. CMP readers save 10% on orders with code CoolMomPicks. Also see them on facebook for special offers.