anne claire-petite rattle
Most of the online shopping I do at UK shops is of the window variety. As in, browsing only, do not pass go, do not add to my cart, do not pay international shipping. But sometimes I stumble on a sale so good, it makes it worth it to do more than drool.

At the UK’s Alex and Alexa, their chic kids’
and baby’s clothing are on sale now at up to 50% off. Click on sale, sort
by price, and you’ll find all sorts of goodies to love from labels like
Imps + Elves, No Added Sugar, Diesel and Paul Smith.

cashmere pea coat for kids
If you’ve got a new baby to shop for, grab the Anne
Claire-Petite crochet rattle
, a steal at $8.93, plus a Cacharel

baby hat for under $20. Or stock up on basics for the kids, from
affordable tees to a splurgey cashmere
pea coat from John Galliano
that will be ready and waiting come fall.

Or heck, if you’re not on a budget, then more power to you. Enjoy the rest of the boutique, which will yield you
some of the best dressed kids on the block. –Liz

Save up to 50% on children’s clothes and accessories size 0-14 at the
Alex and Alexa summer sale, plus
get international shipping half price for a limited time.


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