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Every parent has that one major sensitivity with their kid; that one issue that you are more freaked out about than other parents. For my sigOth, it’s sunscreen. He’s hyper aware of what SPF we’ve got, what ingredients are in it, and how long it’s been since we last applied. Honestly, I’m grateful for his diligence because I can be a little forgetful until their skin is starting to turn a little pink.

So for him, and all the parents like him, it’s great to see the new Coppertone
iPhone App

Aptly called My
UV Alert
, it’s an excellent addition to your iPhone, whether you’ve
got Coppertone packed in the beach bag or not.  It’s essentially a
weather app that gives you details on the forecast and the UV index by
zip code, courtesy of the Weather Channel. It also lets you add “suncare
profiles” for your family, so you can see who needs what when.  But
what I really like is the handy reapplication reminder alarm that you
can set so that you have a good excuse to call the kids up from the

Of course the real goal is to sell more Coppertone, so
you’ll get access to coupons too. But really, it’s nice to see a brand
creating an application that has more tangible benefits to a consumer
than access to their product. –Liz


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