So, let’s say you have a thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket (humor me) and you need to get a new stroller. Are you going to want the same stroller that everyone else will be parking outside your Mommy and Me class? Or are you going to go for the one that will stand out in the pack?

Me? I’d be choosing a fancy-schmancy new Stokke Xplory. Yes, after five years, Stokke has just released a brand new model. And it’s cool. Very cool.

Though you may think you don’t know the Stokke stroller, I’m willing to bet you’ve seen it. And then stared at it longingly as it
rolled by. They’re the innovative strollers that position baby way up high and allow for way more parent-child interaction. And baby-world interaction, too.

With upgrades that include new fabrics and a new cocoon-like design to the seat, a special quick-fold visor that gives extra shade, a
padded baby insert so newborns will fit nice and snugly and a bigger removable storage bag (more storage space is always a good thing), this stroller looks like it absolutely has it all.

That is, if design is incredibly important to you, and if you can afford it.

Now to wait patiently for that hole to start burning in my pocket.

Find the new Stokke Xplory stroller at stores like Buy Buy Baby