brain quest write + erase setsI was absolutely blown away when my four year-old, in a single day, suddenly mastered lowercase letters. No thanks to me, of course.

This time, all the credit goes to the new Brain Quest write and erase alphabet book.

Filled with 40 pages of coated, wipe on/wipe off pages and complete with
one of those dry erase pens (which argh, just make sure your kids keep it away
from the couch), it’s such a clever new format from the folks who make some of the best workbooks in the world. The whole thing is the perfect size to tuck into a purse for attention span emergencies, or children will just play with it at home like mine do.

Because kids are so drawn to the write on-wipe off format themselves, it
feels more like a game to then then a learning tool. Trust me, both of my kids fight over who gets to use it next.

The four
books including a shape and colors book which is good even for an early
preschooler, provided she has the dexterity to manage the pen. But you
know, that’s part of what they can learn from these books too. -Liz

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