Why did the handkerchief dance? Because you put a little boogie in it. (Heh).

And why does my kid dance? Because she’s a ballerina/ninja/cheerleader/doctor/dinosaur-tamer. And that is why Baby Loves Disco keeps on rockin’ with some super cool news for families all over the country.

This fall, our friends at Baby Loves Disco will be back with more awesome family-friendly dance parties across the nation. We’ve already told you about their groundbreaking Lemonade Tour, which is raising money as we speak to help find a cure for childhood cancer. But we want to remind you of BLD’s ongoing, original family friendly dance parties, originally started by professional dancer (and pro mom) Heather Murphy.

If you haven’t been yet, you don’t know what you’re missing; Baby Loves Disco fills the hottest clubs with cool parents and hipper kids, dancing the day away. Actually, you don’t even have to be cool to go — just someone looking for a fun afternoon in a kid-safe environment.

Check out the Baby Loves Disco line-up and see if a club near you will be hosting a fun-filled afternoon of fresh music spun by actual DJ’s, who are guaranteed to never dress like purple dinosaurs or play a single cut by the Wiggles. Sounds like my kind of party. -Delilah

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