Yeah there she was, like disco lemonade…

You know we love to party hearty with the fine folks at Baby Loves Disco. And you really know we love to shop. Now, thanks to the new Lemonade Tour, you get to do both at malls all across the country–with proceeds going to a great charity, too.

If you don’t know Baby Loves Disco yet, you should. They turn hip nightclubs into child-safe,
family-friendly parties on Saturday afternoons with music that appeals to both rockin’ parents and their kids. But for those of
us– like myself– who can’t get to a downtown hot spot, BLD is now bringing the party to local malls, not to mention hospitals, community
centers, and parks.

The mall stops–many of which are FREE–help support Alex’s
Lemonade Stand
, a charity created by child cancer patient and inspiration Alexandra
“Alex” Scott. For the whole month of that stop, all the change in the mall’s fountain get donated right to the charity, so make a lot of wishes!

Some of the
outdoor Discos, including those in Northern California, Salt Lake City, and
Tampa Bay, will set up their own Lemonade Stands to raise more awareness
and funds for Alex’s cause. I’m more of a salsa and sweet tea sort of
girl, but disco and lemonade are starting to sound pretty good to me.~Delilah

for your city on the Baby Loves Disco events page,
or learn more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand, which
has raised over $30 million dollars in the fight to cure childhood


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