S'avarcan sandals by 3 SolesI spent a lot of time in airports last month, and one thing became as clear as an airplane-sized glass of Sprite: Europeans are just uniquely cool.

I think they must be born with it. The scarves, the sunglasses, the bags — and definitely the shoes.

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I saw lots of sandals like these handmade menorquinas from 3 Soles, and since I started wearing them myself, I’ve gotten loads of compliments. I love my Nubuck Avarcas in Alzina Green, which I was delighted to try out for the purpose of this review, trust me.

Fuchsia Hearts by 3 Soles3
Soles imports these S’avarca sandals directly from the island of
Menorca in Spain. The flexible, comfortable design was honed over
hundreds of years by peasants who worked in the fields and navigating the rocky terrain, so you know they’re comfy for moms just pushing the stroller over some cobblestones.

They’re not just for mamas though; check out the sweet pink-on-pink Fuchsia Hearts shoes for kids shown at right. I think they’re especially cute with carelessly rolled-up jeans, plus any pink shoe purchase helps to support breast cancer research.

Most styles don’t really show off your pedicure, and they’re pricey, because — you know — handmade.
But if you’re looking for the Euro-version of flip-flops without the
chafing toe-crotch, you’ve found it.

When I wear my 3 Soles, I pretend
I’m Katie Holmes gallivanting around Europe. And then I eat my baguette
from Whole Foods with Nutella and say Ciao a lot.~Delilah

Buy menorquina sandals for the whole family at 3 Soles. They even have a handy sizing chart to help you find your Euro size.

Congratulations to Beth S, lucky winner of the two pairs of shoes from 3 Soles!