Grasshopper Preschool Prep KitsI admit that I was a little nervous about my 3.5 year old starting preschool this fall because he’s the second kid and well, I’m just amazed that he knows how to count to ten.

But thanks an ingenious new learning tool, I’m feeling confident that he’ll be more than prepared for his first day.

The Grasshopper Preschool Prep Kit was created by Rachel Rudman, a pediatric occupational therapist, and contains a series of developmental activities that are carefully
designed to provide kids with practice on skills they need to be ready for those early half-days of classroom time.

We’ve been using Kits #1 and #2, which address ABC’s, shapes,
and following directions. It’s all through fun activities like fishing for magnetic alphabet
letters, a gel pad for tracing the letters, and a slew more, all
of which engage the kids without workbooks or appearing to be overly educational
(read: boring).

Most of the educational activities are pretty intuitive, moms, but just in case,
you get a handy guide with instructions and some interesting adaptations. Considering that my usually hard-to-occupy son pulls the kit out at
least twice a day, we’ll be using this kit way after school starts. -Kristen

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