magic nightlight
My kids are in that nightlight phase right now. (They’re also in a Silly Bandz phase, a make me a sandwich and then I won’t eat it phase, and a fighting about who gets to drink out of which princess cup phase. But that’s besides the point.) So when I see something that calls itself a magic nightlight, how can I not check it out?

The magic nightlight
spotted at Chloe in Style is not one for the eco-istas out there, but
it is one for those who covet quirky little Japanese bits of random
coolness. It’s like your favorite animal merged with one of those 70s
disco ball things that glow from the inside and slowly change colors.
The stegosaurus is beyond cute (excuse me – magic stegosaurus), but I love so many of the two dozen creatures, like the cute blue hedgehog and my five year-old is begging for the pink cat.

The switch at bottom is small but easy enough to toggle, so even a
preschooler can turn it on at night or use it for late-night bathroom
runs. Or bigger kids can use it as a fun desk toy, since the magnetic
arms hold paper clips.

Of course you do have to sneak in in the middle of the night and turn it
off, unless you’re okay with an all-night psychedelic light show in
your kid’s room. Children of children of the 80’s, unite! –Liz

Find the magic nightlight online at Chloe In Style

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