twirly dress at designers + artisansLeave it to Grandma to buy my girls two dresses so adorable, they no longer have eyes for any other in the closet. Not the expensive ones, not the cheap ones, not anything but their new “grandma twirly dresses” which they both want to wear so often, it’s forcing me to get over my aversion to siblings in matching clothes.

Found online at a shop called designers + artisans, the truly beautiful twirly dresses
are made of hand-woven, indigenous Indian cotton  that has a silky sheen to
it, but as cotton it has a heavier weight than silk. Which means I’m
sure we’ll be wearing them well into fall with little cardigans over top,
or long-sleeve tees underneath. The colors are spectacular, and the
little touches of contrast in the stitching or the lining are lovely.

girls purseI love the company’s ethics; the cotton is grown with minimal
pesticides, then harvested in small batches and hand-dyed all direct by
small Indian farmers. I also like the prices which are crazy reasonable
for such craftsmanship. And of course, I like that I can just toss them
in the wash–a good thing when your daughter wants to wear her favorite
twirly dress three times a week.

Also, don’t miss the charming child’s purses that Grandma got them both to match the dresses. (Fortunately they haven’t seen the cute girls’ tees and hair accessories. Yet.)

At this rate, I suppose there will be a Cool Grandmom Picks spin-off site coming soon. –Liz

Find beautiful fair trade compliant dresses and accessories for girls online at designers + artisans. Official Fair Trade Certification coming soon.