Today I was so desperate for a new project to pull the tiny whiners off my knees that I gave them a huge cardboard box and some Sharpies. They ended up just stomping on the bubble wrap inside, much to my headache’s eternal sadness.

But if you plan ahead a little, you can avoid my amateur mistake by using the real deal.

When your kids aren’t actually in school yet, I’m thinking this honest to goodness cardboard schoolhouse is
the next best thing. It’s
extra-sturdy, extra-cute, and pre-printed with environmentally friendly
features. Solar panels, a recycling center, and even a devoted dog are
ready for your little ones to decorate with the non-toxic,
washable markers that come included.

It’s not nearly as big as that
wicked cardboard castle I slobbered over recently, but it’s the perfect size for dolls to grow sunflowers and learn their letters. It’s
also collapsible, recyclable, and made in the USA of 45% recycled

Plus it’s won a bunch of awards, so you can assume it’s good.
That is, if you don’t trust the word of the Magical Cardboard Box Queen
who now has to go scrub wayward Sharpie off her kitchen cabinets with a
Magic Eraser.~Delilah

Find the incredible, paintable schoolhouse at the Imagination Box Co, where they also have barns, cottages, and a tower for aspiring Rapunzels. Shipping is free until September.  

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