Britax B-READY StrollerAfter a pinched nerve sidelined my beloved babywearing, I was stuck in mid-toddler crisis. But the stroller that saved me can save more than just moms of chunky two-year-olds. It can help moms slinging around newborns in buckets, moms with bad backs, and anyone who likes their strollers like their sports cars– smooth, flexible, and flashy.

The Britax B-READY
is a full-size modular stroller that will take you all the way from
your first grocery trip with a new baby to a balky four-year-old who
suddenly gets tired at the mall. It’s ultra-adaptable, with 14
possible configurations and can carry an optional bassinet, carseat, or a second
seat for up to 55 pounds.

Let me tell you why I love
this big red Corvette of the stroller world: It’s super duper smooth,
even when pushing with one hand. The basket is enormous. The canopy is
big and sturdy. The attached storage bag is great for drinks and didn’t
break immediately like my last two strollers. The 5-point harness is
simple to adjust, as are the recline levels and footrest. The handle is
adjustable, too, both for height and angle. The one-click parking break
is phenomenal. And the seat can face the person pushing the stroller,
which is the #1 option I wish I’d had with my newborns.

course, we all know that no stroller can be all things to all people.
The B-READY is full-size, so it’s big and bulky, and the fold takes two
hands and can be awkward. The second seat doesn’t have enough room for
my chunky two-year old, so I can’t really use it with both children. And I do wish it came in sky blue, lime green,
orange, or brown, because I’m funky like that.

But here’s the bottom line: I’m using this stroller more than I’ve used any other stroller in over four years of motherhood.

My kids love it, and it’s the only one in which my toddler has ever
fallen asleep. It’s so smooth and maneuverable that I take it
everywhere, from the mall to consignment sales to walking trails on the
way to the fishing pond. I have started carrying my CMP business cards
in my back pocket just to hand out to people who want to know more about this stroller.

At $499, it’s less pricey than the so-called status strollers but more than the mass brands. But hey, it’s a Britax which I totally trust. Plus the flexibility means
it could conceivably carry your entire family, two at a time, for years.
Seriously, girls. B-Ready to be impressed.~Delilah

Get the Britax B-READY modular stroller at the Britax website or from our affiliate, Amazon in red, silver, black or green. They’ll be rolling out the B-SCENE and B-NIMBLE strollers this September.