Pregnancy. Nursing. Postpartum. Pregnant again. Getting my first crow’s foot. Freaking out. My skin’s undergone more changes in the last five years than the cast of Saturday Night Live.

I wanted a skincare product that was natural and safe, so I hopped on Google and tried slathering my face with honey, yogurt, banana, and avocado. Yuck. I gave up.

Hence my enthusiasm for Marie Veronique Organics.
This line of skin care products, available only extra fresh and online,
is hand-made in California of intelligent ingredients
in 100% recyclable packaging. And from what I can tell, it’s safe and beneficial for every
stage of a woman’s life from the acne years through aging skin.

I can honestly say I have never read such natural,
nutrient-rich ingredients in my life. The cleanser looks a little like
lake water, and the face oil is the rich orange of carrots and smells
like something you’d cook with. And to me, that’s a good thing.

I tried the Anti-Aging Travel Kit,
which includes the Gentle Cleanser, Anti-Aging Mist, Anti-Aging Oil,
Moisturizing Face Screen with SPF 30+. Unfortunately, oil doesn’t work
on my skin, but I’ve known that for years. Still, outside of my own
chemistry, I am very impressed with the extremely
high quality ingredients. My favorite product in the bunch was the Anti-Aging
Mist, which felt great as a cool spritz after working out or before bed.
This stuff would feel great on a plane!

They also make kid-safe, full spectrum UVA/UVB Sunscreen with SPF 25
that will knock your socks off with all-natural ingredients and
non-nano zinc oxide. With only 15 ingredients, it’s great to
know that there was nothing naughty lurking in the bottle, waiting to
ambush my kids’ skin.

It’s a little
pricey, but I can tell you, the ingredients are well worth their weight in golden flax
seed oil.~Delilah

You can buy Marie Veronique Organics from their website. Sample sizes are available, and they have a very reasonable refund/exchange policy.

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