plaid cupcake papers
I think I’ve discovered party favor central. And much to my delight, it’s not in a mall or a half-abandoned shopping center, which is where those party favor stores seem to be in New York. In fact, this little party supply shop is not even in New York. It’s in Wisconsin. But you can reach it through Etsy.

Hey Yoyo definitely has a nostalgia/vintage-y vibe going, so if you’ve got your heart set on Thomas the Train plates and Big Bird cups for your kid’s birthday party, this ain’t it. However if you’re looking for a mid-century inspired 3-D robot cupcake kit and vintage ballerina cupcake toppers like the ones from my own childhood you’re in luck. (Oh, the nostalgia for the Carvel ice cream cakes of my misspent youth!)

ballerina cupcake toppers
You’ll also find ice cream cups and stripey paper straws in every color, plus cupcake papers from ginghams to polka-dots to a very rowr leopard print.

If you’ve got a baby shower to throw, a kids’ party to plan or you’re determined to be that mom who sends your kid to school with the most enviable cupcakes for the entire class, I think you’ve found your heaven. –Liz

Find fabulous vintage-inspired party supplies online at Hey Yoyo

[via serious eats]

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