Handpainted ceramic travel mugs
I definitely enjoy my one plus cup of coffee every morning, but with our new busy schedule, that usually means I’m enjoying it on the go, which means I have a perfectly good reason to purchase one of these simply fabulous ceramic travel mugs from Yevgenia.

I’m not one to go gaga over ceramics, but these gorgeous handpainted cups are hard to pass by. I’m coveting the baby’s breath mug (pictured), but look at the adorable buds and marigolds!
Whether you’re constantly filling up your plain old mug at the office
or buying stock in cardboard ones at the coffee shop, this is the
perfect alternative. And talk about an awesome hostess or teacher gift.
Or in my case, “because I really have to have it” gift. Those exist,
right? -Kristen

Check out the plethora of lovely ceramic travel mugs and other fantastic ceramic goods at Brooklyn-based Yevgenia.

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