Single Stone Studios vinyl wall decalsBy the time my husband and I agree on a paint color, I’m pretty sure we’ll be ready to move out of this house. So instead of waiting until we find the perfect shade of green for our bedroom, I’m taking the bull by the horns and investing in a few wall decals – like the cool ones from Single Stone Studios.

Now while I’m a huge fan of removable vinyl wall decals for my kids’
rooms, I’ve yet to try them in the other rooms in the house, but these
swanky designs, like the funky circles
(pictured) seem like they’d work well in a groovy den or office, or
even a cool retro kitchen. And really, they’re a fantastic, fairly cost
effective way to spruce up your place without having to commit to a
gigantic piece of expensive art or apparently in our home, a simple paint color.

considering they require no hammers and nails (ugh, dry wall) or heavy
lifting, I can put them up myself as opposed to waiting for who knows
how long for my husband to get to it on his honey-do list. -Kristen

Check out the slew of cool vinyl wall decals at Single Stone Studios.