the grandparentsYou may not have realized that today is Grandparents Day. And while yes, it’s a so-called Hallmark holiday, totally fabricated to maximize card-purchasing potential, I think it’s awesome. Maybe you can make sure to call your own grandparents if you’re still lucky to have them — or to get the kids on the phone with theirs.

Of course, if you want to take it one stop further, we have one easy idea you can do right this very second.

It’s hard to believe I only discovered Animoto
about a year ago, because I feel like I use it so much. Get on this fabulous video
editing and sharing site and in no time at all (really) you’ll have a
beautiful 30 second slide show, complete with tear-jerking music of your choice, that you
can send out to the grandparents and make their day. My own parents are getting one any minute now, complete with this picture right here (awww…) and the sweet track Always Home, by Sound of Harris.

I swear the process is
easy, the result is fabulous, and it’s totally free. Yep, free. at least up to 30 seconds.

If you want to go longer, which you very well might, just spend $3, or upgrade for $5
a month to make unlimited videos. It’s still cheaper than a #1 Grandma Mug, and she’ll be more
excited to show it off to every friend who stops over for Bridge night. –Liz

Make your own videos online for free at Animoto. And happy Grandparents Day to all the cool grandmas, grandpas, mom-moms, pop-pops, grannies, sabas, mimas, grans, papas, and gwampas of the world.

[photo of the very cute grandparents, c liz gumbinner]