resnackit reusable snack bagsI know, I know – we keep featuring reusable snack bags! What can I say, there are so many to choose from these days. Our job is just to pare down the cool ones for you, and we’ve got a couple more options for you, whatever your own personal lunch packing needs.

The completely lead-free, PVC-free, and pthalate free ReSnackIt bags
are my own first foray into the world of reusable snack bags and I’m
pleased to say that I’m a complete convert. Even better, so are my
kids. What differentiates these reusable bags from others we’ve featured, besides interesting patterns like the skateboarding fabric or cute peace signs, is that the mom-designed ReSnackIt bags fold over like an envelope then Velcro closed on the outside; not at the opening. While you might think this precludes them from being good for loose
snacks, like I first thought, the food is held in place. And no worries about the Velcro getting peanut butter-y.

Granted, I wouldn’t be packing Jello jigglers or whatever in there (nor
would I try to eat from them upside down) but for the pretzels, nuts,
and dried fruit we like to bring along in the car or in school lunches, these eco-friendly snack bags are perfect. -Kristen

Check out the reusable sandwich bags at ReSnackIt. And for more eco-friendly lunch essentials, make sure you’ve got our Back to School Shopping Guide on your radar! You’ve got another week to make good use of those handy discount codes.

Congratulations to Amy R, lucky winner of three ReSnackIt bags!