kids umbrella from hatley
I’m officially giving up on cheap kids’ umbrellas. We’ve gone through far too many in far too short a time, so I’m kind of done with that. At 3 and 5, my girls really are old enough to remember to bring
their umbrellas home–and if that seems like a lot to hope for, well you
don’t know how much they love umbrellas. It would be like me going
somewhere without my iPhone.

Hatley does some really nice things with kids rain gear including child-safe kids umbrellas, in designs that won’t be outgrown so fast. I think my girls would take to this butterfly umbrella which is amply girlie without all the pink I’ve had to live with over the past year–although if it’s pink they’re after, the rose umbrella is quite sweet.

I also love the star design
even for a bigger kid, and the wooden handle and tip make it look like
the kind of thing you’d see in a modern museum store–plus, it’s at a
great price right now, discounted to just $11.99 on their site. So maybe we can still
be kind of cheap and get a nice umbrella after all. –Liz

Find kids umbrellas, online at Hatley, or through our affiliate Amazon. Check for the best prices!

[via rookie moms, blogher]


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