A Bedtime for BearI am crazy about multitasking, and that includes at kid bedtime; when we read a book together, my child and I reconnect, plus I get to lie down, plus I get to work a little Mom Psychology 101.

All that is made a little more golden when we have in our reading roster a book that lets us discuss something about which one of my children is worried, by pretending we’re discussing what someone else is worried about.


Bonnie Becker’s A Bedtime For Bear
fits the bill; poor Bear is
slightly stuffy; needs everything just so in order to sleep, only his
sleepover buddy, Mouse, is politely, joyously chaotic. And I’m a sucker for the lushly inked,
clean-lined illustrations by Kady MacDonald Denton.

A Bedtime for
is one of those storybooks that can open all sorts of discussions
between you and your little one – about needing bedtime to always be a
certain way, about bedtime anxiety, and friendship anxiety, about new
experiences, and probably about tea-drinking mice. -Barbara

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