Fun fact: when you combine a male lion and a tigress, you get a liger. It’s weird, it’s cute, it likes to swim, some people believe it has magical powers. It’s also the biggest cat alive, often growing to the size of both parents combined.

That’s the kind of power packed by the half-buckle carrier, a mix of mei tai and soft structured carrier. (Yes, I’m the resident baby carrier geek.) And if you’re looking for a liger of your own, I suggest Baby So Smart.

Baby So Smart. is a woman-run company offering hand-made baby carriers
from lush, high-end ring slings in dupioni silk and cashmere to a wide
variety of mei tais and half-buckle carriers
in gorgeous, coordinated fabrics with a dazzling array of options.

shopping for a luxury car, you can select from her beautiful
combinations from right off the lot or work directly with her to create
your unique dream carrier.

So let me tell you why you’re going
to love half-buckles: You get the easy, one-click, padded waist of a
soft structured carrier like an Ergo or Beco. That means it’s easy,
secure, and takes the weight off your shoulders. But instead of
backpack-style shoulders, you have two long ties that can be tied and
worn different ways by different people for different babies. You can
wear a new baby up close and snuggly against your chest, or you can tie
an older child on your back like a rucksack. Or you can adjust the ties
for more room when nursing.

The easy of an SSC and the flexibility of a mei tai? Try a half-buckle and see yet again why hybrids are the way to go.~Delilah

Visit Baby So Smart to click through dozens of beautiful combinations in mei tais and half buckle baby carriers. The interface is a little unusual, but exploring is so much fun. If you have any questions, they’ll be more than happy to work with you to find exactly what you want.

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