One Million GiraffesIt all began with a bet: somewhere in Norway, Ola bet Jorgen that he could collect one million hand-drawn giraffes in one year. And you know what?

He did.

The proof is at And now you can buy a 32-page hardcover book, aptly called OMG! One Million Giraffes
featuring the giraffe images from all over the world, in a mosaic form reminiscent of an artsy Where’s Waldo? But with giraffes.

Each unique giraffe had to be created by hand– not computer–and was submitted by everyday people, simply to see if one man’s wacky
but interesting dream could come true. The contributors crossed every
continent and demographic, from babies to kids to regular folks to
professional book illustrators. To moms like myself.

It’s true! I submitted a giraffe, and you can see my giraffe here.

They’re always accepting more, so get your kids to the
easel. It always feels good to be part of something big and
spotty, whatever your age. ~Delilah

Buy OMG! One Million Giraffes at our affiliate, Amazon. You can also play a game to guess the age of the artists on the One Million Giraffes website. I’m apparently 18.5, which about how I feel.