Wee Gallery Soft Book for BabiesPlastic. Polyester. Licensed characters. Slobbered-on ribbon. The sound of a toilet flushing with one press of a button, that becomes four million presses of a button–those soft baby books that pile up after the baby shower have always been strictly utilitarian. Until now.

Our friends at Wee Gallery have knocked another shower gift out of the baby ballpark with their new accordian-style soft book, that looks more like a piece of art than a learning toy.

wee gallery soft bookHand-made in India of beautiful, touchable silk and hand-loomed cotton, the soft book features six sassy Wee Gallery
animals drawn in an artsy black-and-white style that pleased our entire
family. My toddler claimed they were all cats, but I think he’s just a

The book feels and looks sincerely lovely and even comes
with a gorgeous little orange silk storage bag. Not only is it pretty to
look at, but it has sparked imaginative play between my kids, whether
they’re trying new ways to fold it or competing to stuff it in the bag.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010They also stretch it out and use it to play tug-of-war, so I can assure
you that it’s sturdy. Best of all? No matter how you pinch it, it never
makes a flushing sound.

Okay, I take that back. The best part is that it’s pretty.~Delilah

You can buy the soft baby book directly from the Wee Gallery site.