Ink Dish - dishware by tattoo artists
I admit that I completely poo-poo’d the idea of registering for fancy pants dishes when I got married. I also used Chef Mic (aka the microwave) for most of my meals back then too.

But after seeing the amazing place settings by Ink Dish, I’ve come to learn that it was the stuffy, traditional designs I wasn’t digging – not necessarily the idea of owning fancy dishes.

Too bad I hadn’t discovered these awesome dish sets featuring the artwork from some of the most renown tattoo artists in the world. I’m just
dying to get my hands on the brand new Tattoo Lotus place setting, designed by well-known tattooist Paul Timman (shown at top). Tribal band fans will like his Tribal place setting too (right).

Ink Dish by Paul Timman
Rest assured they don’t all look like actual tattoos–no battleships or pinup girls straddling cobras.  If you’re looking for something more abstract, try the beautiful Poem place setting, by artist David Palmer, and I love Alyson Fox’s charming and girlish December series.

Keep in mind, these might not be something you’d use for everyday
occasions, and as with all fine china, the prices reflect as much.

And while I blew my chance
at getting these as wedding gifts, isn’t the 6-year wedding anniversary
gift “really rad dinner plates?” I thought so. -Kristen

Pre-order the new Ink Dish dishware by tattoo artists featured here for a Thanksgiving delivery. And check out their existing designer place settings on the Ink Dish website.

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