Handmade superhero cap for Halloween
Oh Lordie do I wish I could be one of those moms who whips up their kid’s Halloween costume every year. But no, I end up going to some Party store and buying an overpriced polyester get-up.

Whether or not you can sew I think this adorable hand made super hero cap from Soil is the perfect solution.

Made from green cotton velveteen, lined with flannel and decorated with wool felt wings not only is the super hero cap (or really, sooper hero cap) adorable, but it’s warm enough for your little one to feel like a super
hero well past October 31st.

Sizes range from 6 months to 10 years old, although unless she made
demented scientist caps I doubt I could get my 10-year old into one of
these, as awesome as they may be.

But truly, you have got to check out her full line of other caps, like the aviator and the rose garden. With handmade hats/costumes/imagination boosters this cute your kids will want to play dress up all year long.--Betsy

Check out the sooper hero cap and other beautiful handmade hats at Soil.

[Via: Small Magazine]

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