handknit masks for babyWhile my oldest would just as soon cover herself in a head to toe costume for Halloween, my other little one would is more in the “naked baby” camp. Amazing how kids are so different. So if you’ve got a kiddo who’s not so into the whole dressing up thing, or just need an idea that doesn’t take a lot of fuss, you might consider these handknit mask and tail sets from Oeuf.

With just a little something over the nose, and a tail around the waist, these beautiful animal costumes from the luxury knit baby label are a far cry from covering every single inch of the kid’s body–something that can be frustrating, particularly with kids who might have some sensory issues. Besides, big hot costumes just aren’t feasible here in the Deep South where it’s still pretty warm on Halloween.

The lovely mask and tail sets (I love the giraffe but the doggie is pretty cute too) are all fair trade, eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic, which helps explain the price. No, they’re nooooot cheap. But if you’ve ever seen Oeuf knits, then you’ll understand why they’re priced as they are, and why we love them so very much. -Kristen

Check out the entire collection of handknit mask and tail sets in time for Halloween at Oeuf.