mOmma sippy cups for kids
You know how you can tell when your kid is using a really cool sippy cup? When you hear they sell them in the MOMA design store.

Oh, and when they’re imported from Italy, of course. The new mOmma line of baby feeding products fits the bill on both counts.

But it’s not just cool. It’s also quite practical – in a nifty, roly-poly kind of way.

These feeding products for infants and toddlers from mOmma
incorporate a round design that makes mealtimes easier on moms and more
fun for babies. Cups, forks and spoons are designed to rock back and
forth –think those Weebles toys of your childhood–and not fall over.

I didn’t really understand the benefits at first, but I now see
there are many reasons why this weighted bottom design is great. First,
it means baby won’t knock the cups over. (When you’re six months old, you
don’t always have the coordination to put down a cup properly on the

There’s also the side benefit that they aren’t going to get as
dirty when dropped, as a regular sippy might. Since the cup just pops
back up, the spout won’t be left rolling all over the ground.

And then there’s your baby: Think of the fun added to mealtime when a
fork keeps rocking back and forth on the table. Heck, it’s like a meal,
a game and a physics lesson all rolled into one.

Plus, they look really, really cool. And they’re from Italy, remember? –Stephanie

Find the revolutionary new sippy cups from mOmma.


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