handmade magic wand
Just when I thought my daughter had sort of outgrown the wand phase, a few days ago I watched her snatch up a tulle covered one and attempt to pawn off a pointer to her younger friend. You can be the “teacher fairy”, she said. Not bad, huh?

But with that in mind, I might just have to grab one of these beautiful handcrafted wands by mom Emily Bilbrey from Uff Da! Designs.

It’s just so hard
not to imagine the endless creative possibilities that the bright felt
and ribbon combination invokes. I love the handmade flower and star wand seen here, but if that’s not magical enough, then you can always work with Emily to create a custom
wand. Maybe something for Halloween?

I’d personally like one that could get me more sleep. And an
endless supply of cupcakes. -Kristen

These lovely handmade wands are available at Uff Da! Designs, yet another awesome Etsy shop!

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