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I can’t believe it, but this year my kids are actually old enough to carry around their own flashlights on Halloween. Yippee! Of course for some reason all our flashlights could double as tire irons so, yeah. Probably not the right weight and size for a five year-old.

But Icon has one flashlight that’s just perfect for a kid in every way.

ICON is known for making beautiful flashlights. Yes, beautiful. They sent me the lightweight aluminum LED LINK flashlight
to check out and I’m floored. It’s just four inches long, light as anything (3.1 ounces to be exact), and easy
to operate. You just click the button on the back to turn it on, and rotate the lens to toggle between a high beam and low bean.

My five year-old can
handle it no problem, and with a little more effort, so can her three
year-old sister. Plus LINK has got a carbiner so I can clip it to their
trick-or-treat bag handles or a belt buckle.

This way all I have to worry about them coming home with on Halloween is lots of mini Snickers Bars. For me. –Liz

Find the LED LINK flashlight from ICON online at our affiliate, Amazon

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