Halloween barrettesI love holidays. Give me a holiday and I’ll celebrate it. Give me a fun holiday, like Halloween, and I might go a little overboard. (But not in a tacky way. Promise!) So I can’t resist a cute Halloween inspired t-shirt or accessory, like these adorable barrettes.

The Polka Pumpkin Barrettes,
from past CMP pick Natty Bratty, are just the thing to get into the
Halloween spirit. They are subtle enough to coordinate with many of my
daughter’s outfits and the glitter stars make them festive and fun. I
also love polka dots on just about anything.

Look around the shop for lots of Halloween inspired hair clips and pony tail elastics that mix
spooky fun with little girl cuteness. It’s right up my alley. –Elizabeth

Find Halloween inspired hair accessories online at Natty Bratty