Custom storybook party invitations
Hey you, Famous Mom. Yes you, the one who held the kiddo’s first birthday party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, hired Martha Stewart to make your cakes, and asked the Jonas Brothers to stop by to sing Happy Birthday.

What are you going to do for your encore?

One idea: start with the custom storybook invitations from Egba originals.

In the past, Cool Mom Picks has adored clever invitations from Egba like their Partyblocks and Custom Comic Book Invitations, and now, they’re taking it to the next level with something actually kind of sweet.

Custom Storybook Invitations are exactly that. These aren’t just
invitations made from your child’s artwork, but an entire storybook
created from their artwork. The company can create the story for
you, or if you have a story or theme in mind, they will use your story
with your child’s own artwork to create these custom party invitations. They don’t use templates, so you can be assured that your story, like your child, will be an original.

child can be the hero of the story, of course. And judging from the
fabulous invitation, it’s going to be quite a party. I can’t wait for the unicorn petting zoo.  –Elizabeth

Check out Egba Originals and their new Custom Storybook Invitations.

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