One Cup - drink coffee for charityWe’ve all heard the standard wisdom that if we each gave up one daily luxury–say, your morning latte–you could put that money towards charity and really make a difference. And I happily gave up my frou-frou coffeeshop runs for brewing at home to save money, but you can pry the coffee cup out of my cold, dead hands, thanks.

Now there’s a way to both buy your beans and have your charity, too.

Enter the One Cup Project.

start with the coffee itself: It’s a wide variety of blends from
Seattle’s award-winning micro-roaster Silver Cup Coffee, and good luck
picking just one favorite. Place a single order or sign up for their
handy subscription service (shipping is free when you buy 3+ bags, by
the way).
Now here’s the awesome part: At $11/bag (totally
reasonable for gourmet beans), you’d probably feel pretty good if some
of that price went to charity, right? If it was even a dollar, that’d be
good. $5 would be pretty awesome, no? But — to quote Spinal Tap — this
one goes all the way up to eleven.  In other words, for every $11 bag you
purchase,  $11 goes to fund social and economic change in Zambia through a partnership with World Vision. That’s right, every last cent.
Great tasting coffee, delivered to your door, and every bag is making a difference. I will totally drink to that. -Mir

Check out the One Cup Project, shop their gourmet coffee beans, and don’t forget to like One Cup Project on Facebook, too.