Do Fun Stuff - kindie music - help kids with Smith-Magenis Syndrome
I’ve never doubted the power of music to unite people–though it does bring to mind those big events like Woodstock or Live Aid. But it’s the effort of one dad and some very cool bands with loads of heart that now deserve to get people behind an important cause: Helping build awareness and support for people born with the little-known Smith-Magenis Syndrome.


Even if you’ve never heard of this condition, or some of the indie bands involved in this project, don’t let that stop you: This is a baker’s dozen of sweet songs you’ll want to add to your collection of cool tunes for kids.

Do Fun Stuff is a labor of love conceived by dad-blogger and photographer Ryan Marshall whose blog Pacing the Panic Room is filled with love for his stepson who was born with Smith-Magenis Syndrome.

Kicking off with the lush harmonies and happy-pop of Pass It On by Rabbit, an indie-pop band from Florida, this CD has a fun, eclectic vibe. And while Pass It On is about a fun party game, it’s also a nice message to start off this CD that seeks to help out so many kids.
One thing I love about this CD is that the artists aren’t usually heard in the kids-music genre, which exposed us to new voices we hadn’t heard before. Belgium’s ukelele-playing Scampi has such a pretty voice on Biscuits, and I love the wipe-my-eyes quiet sweetness of Steven Foxbury’s Nothing.
Don’t expect the vibe to be serious though: The electronic-filled Potty Time by Cracker Johnson has a chorus that has my kids beatboxing “poo-pee” all morning (so maybe save this tune for days when you aren’t going directly to preschool). Don’t worry, other songs are less bathroom-ish, with topics like birthdays and ladybugs.
And there are many of times I had to remind myself that this was a kids’ CD and not some new collection of great indie songs just for me. Pass it on indeed. -Christina
Send a virtual high-five to Ryan and the talented musicians who donated their time and voices to the great kindie release Do Fun Stuff by downloading the release at itunes. 100% of the money raised will go fund future research for Smith-Magenis Syndrome and to helping families whose child has been diagnosed with this little-known syndrome.
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