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It’s so funny having to say that denim is in for kids because, hello, was it ever out? I adore seeing denim now in surprising places – hats, accessories, even shoes. Basically, imagine where you might add a touch of leather, and replace it with denim. Behold, you’re on trend!

What’s not on trend though? A kid in head to toe denim.

I don’t care what supermodel sported it on the runway, or what celebrity wore it on what magazine cover; it’s a look that’s super hard to pull off.

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One of the simplest tips for putting together a cute kids outfit
with multiple denim pieces is create separation; literally, no two
denim pieces touching. So if you’ve got your kid in denim jeans, pair it
with a shorter bolero-style denim jacket so you have some  have some
fabric between the jacket and the jeans. Or if you put your daughter in
denim-covered shoes, pair it with leggings or a shorter skirt instead of

The other option is to simply go for different denim
washes – a soft, faded jacket with a dark blue wash jean. Or a black
denim skirt with a indigo denim newsboy cap.

Gap denim band jacketblack Gap skinny jeans
The lighter wash denim band jacket + the super skinny jeans in black = cute!

Come to think it, a
denim newsboy cap is about the cutest thing in the world on a kid. I’d
just go ahead and pair it with anything. –Liz

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Where do you stand on denim with denim? Fashion do or fashion don’t?